Architectural education and practice in Bharat and other countries, have a long-standing tradition, with a diverse range of architecture, construction techniques and sustainable design principles. As we navigate the challenges of globalization, urbanization and climate change, we draw inspiration from the Bharatiya and other indigenous Knowledge Systems and their transfer among all countries.By delving into the depths of such architectural education and practice, IIA aims to uncover valuable insights that can inform and shape the future of architecture worldwide through ANVESHAN.

We take great pride in announcing this as a GREEN and ZERO_WASTE Conference.


First Sorab Bharoocha Memorial Lecture

Ar. Sorab Bharoocha was the first Indian President (1927 to 1928) of the IIA (then known as Bombay Architectural Association). The event of ANVESHAN IIA International Research Conference will commence with the First Sorab Bharoocha Memorial Lecture by an eminent architectural personality.